We Cam From Space >>> Info

One of the first songs created for the first album of the same title in 2008.
The idea behind was to refer to Erich von Daeniken's stories (by the way when I was a kid the stories were quoted in a Polish comic book called Landing in Andes).
As you may notice the text is having ironic meaning. What if he himself was a victim of the ancient astronauts he called for in so many books?
What if the spacemen do not know how to interprete our language? If they really exist they may not allow to uncover too many details about their existence on Earth.
With the deeper thinking the song has second bottom about humanity that we can recognise a human being by its human instincts like love, care, compassion, etc.
We ourselves are somtimes having no such instincts against each other so how can we expect it from the alien race.
I wish you all only proper instincts so you can be recognised as a human when it comes to selection.