Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok "From CHESS"

One of the most famous hits of 80ties. Can you hear the parlandos, yes...long parlandos is what I like the most. Covered with a cheap radio effect. You can certainly hear lots of such effect in our music on two spacesynth albums We Came From Space and Sleeping Child.


This is another KOTO's song that made spacesynth world different and mine as well. I loved mostly remixes on side B made by Alex Cundari. 


Certainly one of the key song in Spacesynth music that I am familiar with. I was just in right time of the 80ties listening to the music on tape recorders.

You have to remember that there was no time of Internet and to get this kind of music it wasn't so easy. We lived in Eastern Europe led by communists. The music was so exciting and amusing. Thank you KOTO.

KOTO - Dragon's Legends

Spoken strophes, parlandos were first in KOTO's songs. Yes, that is right, some fairy tale texts were used in the KOTO's songs. 

We also wanted to have this kind of expressive lyrics in our songs. Too much singing of melodies would take us too far from spacesynth.
That is why I created meny stories I am going to descrive later in all the lyrics related subjects.